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We appreciate you visiting the website of Swiss Inn Motel & Lounge. Our establishment has been in business for over three decades and is located in East Dubuque, IL. We're a local motel, restaurant and bar.

Contact us at 815-747-3136 to learn more about our establishment today. You can also reach us by filling out the form on this page.

  • Swiss Inn Motel & Lounge

    20670 Highway 20
    East Dubuque, IL 61025


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    (815) 747-3136

    Mon: 1:30PM - 2:00AM
    Tue: 1:30PM - 2:00AM
    Wed: 1:30PM - 2:00AM
    Thu: 1:30PM - 2:00AM
    Fri: 1:30PM - 2:00AM
    Sat: 11:00AM - 2:00AM
    Sun: 11:00AM - 2:00AM

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